Teach your child coding with analogies and without screens- from 4 to 9 years old


This course offers you a complete guide to teach your child coding with so many fun activities and without buying any materials!

You will go through many aparently complex concepts in coding and tackle them step by step using smart and entertaing analogies.

The course is a good oportunity to spend quality time with your child while learning a useful skill! You just need few minutes to watch the video and good mood practice them with your child in your daily activities.

The course is created by Liana Vinersan, experienced software engineer, who founded Coding a Story programming school in Zurich, Switzerland.

The topics include: instructions, loops, decisions, variables, input and output and lots more, all explained in such a way that a 4 year old can understand and can juggle with them.

Here you can see the course summary: and enroll in the course after purchasing.


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