Coding a Story has been built from scratch. Not only the business but the object of the business.

Through Coding a Story, I, Liana, dare say, innovated the way of teaching children coding.

It started small, with some ideas, a small group of children and a location rented by the hour. No economies, no external investment. I am proud to say this is a business started with 200 francs. I compensated with lots of work, lots of slepless nights, great passion and infinite perseverance. And strong optimism.

I am grateful to be able to say, Coding a Story grew. It is still small, but it is growing. I have met people who loved the concept. I have taught children who told the classes at Coding a Story are the best activity they ever tried and they want to come here until they grow up.

What I learned is that, at the beginning, any small help is extremely useful. Any information, recommendation, any friend who knows a friend, any space you could use, any opportunity you could take. All of these small things. And what helps you the most are relationships. People.

So, I want to get to know great-to-be entrepreneurs. I want to help them. I am grateful if they help me, too.

And I know how hard it is to find a space in Zürich for a small business.

So, I am offering the space at Coding a Story, on Tödistrasse 48, 8002, Zürich for free to entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, who wish to organise an event here. To gather people together, to present them their product, their concept, their idea, or even make a workshop, a demonstration, a class. Whatever they could think of and for which the space here would be a good fit. There are two rooms, together they have around 42sqm. There are chairs, bean bags and small desks. The space is designed for kids and teenagers but it could also fit adults.

What do I ask in return? I would like to speak 10 minutes with your guests, at the beginning of your event about Coding a Story. As Coding a Story’s target group are children (or their parents), I would prioritize businesses addressed to children and parents but the others are welcome, too.

What kind of event could you host here:

A workshop – almost any kind

A presentation

A pop-up store

A read-aloud event

And many other events that you would need for your business to give it a kick or test an idea. It does not matter if your event is free or paid for your guests.

*I am offering the space for free for one business one time. If you wish to have something regular here, we can agree on a price. And, of course, I reserve the right to refuse any event that I may consider not fit or innapropriate.

Write me at to discuss more.