Coding, Robotics and Computational Thinking Classes

Considering the uncertainty we are living with at the moment, because I am trying to offer you the best experience in the current circumstances, you will never have to pay for a class that does not take place. If you have already paid and I am unable to hold the class because of regulations or any other reason, then I will offer you three options:  a future class, or an online class, or a refund. 

Special measures against COVID19

  • Please, do not bring your children to the class if they have fever, they cough, they feel unwell, they are confirmed or suspected of COVID19, or they have been recently in contact with someone who has COVID19. The teacher reserves the right to refuse children that look like they are not feeling ok.
  • Parents do not take part in the class, they bring and leave their children while keeping the distance and, when inside, wearing masks. Parents will be waiting outside until the parent who previously went in goes out. They will bring children one by one not to create a crowd in the room. While inside the building, parents will be wearing a mask.
  • All materials, the table and the floor are disinfected before the class.
  • The teacher will be wearing a mask.
  • The teacher will open the window every 20 minutes for fresh air to get into the room.
  • The teacher and parents will make sure that all children wash their hands before the class. 
  • Children will remove their shoes when entering the class.
  • Additionally, because of this special situation, you are encouraged to keep your child at home when he/she is not feeling well, therefore I am offering the possibility to skip up to 2 classes per trimester and deduct the respective amount from the next trimester.