Kids Intuitive Cooking Class

Coding a Story is happy to host this amazing event!

Ileana, passionate vegan cook, would like to share with us her recipes for vegan sweets. 

We all desire our best for our children, including for them to have a strong health.

But how we manage to replace the candy store goodies with natural ingredients that are as well sweet but do not damage teeths and a good night sleep?

We let them experiment, smell, taste, feel and play with dates, carob, lemon zest and cinnamon. This means intuitive in the title of the event. We will play with these goodies and leave their little hands to mix and shape their candies as they feel and want. 

Kids will also take home for mom and dad to taste their hand made creations. And no worries, we will have a recipe to hand over for the mommies in case they would want to replicate at home.

📝 Reserve your spot now:

🔸There are 10 places available and the kids’ age group is 4-12 years.
🔸 The participation fee is CHF 20 and includes everything.

Looking forward to meeting your curious kids!


Jun 18 2022


2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
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