Entrepreneurship in Tech for Kids between 7 and 12 years old

Introducing an exciting new class in Zurich designed to empower young minds aged 7 to 12 with the knowledge and skills to build their own businesses in Tech from scratch. This immersive program will take kids on an incredible journey into the world of entrepreneurship, where they will learn the foundations of starting, managing, and growing a business, and also get practical experience in programming. Through hands-on activities, practical lessons, and real-world experiences, children will discover their potential as innovative young entrepreneurs.

  • Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spark
    In this module, we will ignite the entrepreneurial spark within each child. Through interactive games and thought-provoking exercises, kids will explore their passions, identify their strengths, and brainstorm business ideas that align with their interests. They will learn to dream big, think creatively, and develop a vision for their future ventures.
  • From Idea to Action
    Module two will guide children through the journey of transforming their ideas into actionable plans. Kids will learn the importance of market research, understanding their target audience, and identifying competitive advantages. Through practical exercises, they will develop business models, set goals, and create step-by-step plans to bring their ideas to life. In this module, we will create our prototypes and get some hands-on coding experience.
  • The Power of Branding and Marketing
    In module three, young entrepreneurs will explore the world of branding and marketing. They will learn the art of creating a unique brand identity, designing logos, and crafting compelling messages to connect with customers. Kids will delve into marketing strategies, including social media, storytelling, and customer engagement, discovering how to effectively promote their businesses.
  • Financial Wizardry
    Module four will introduce kids to the financial aspects of running a business. They will learn the basics of budgeting, pricing, and profit margins. Through engaging activities, they will gain an understanding of revenue, expenses, and the importance of financial planning. Children will develop practical money management skills to ensure the success and sustainability of their ventures.
  • Bringing Ideas to Life
    In the final module, children will witness the exhilaration of bringing their ideas to life. They will learn the art of prototyping, product development, and customer feedback. Kids will build their products or design their services, refining and iterating based on market demand. 

The Entrepreneurship Class for kids aged 7 to 12 in Zurich offers an extraordinary opportunity for children to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and build their dreams from scratch. Through this comprehensive program, young minds will develop invaluable skills such as creativity, problem-solving, marketing, and financial literacy. They will gain confidence, resilience, and a mindset that embraces innovation and embraces challenges. Join us on this remarkable journey where young entrepreneurs flourish, ideas transform into reality, and the seeds of success are planted in the fertile minds of Zurich’s future business leaders.

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Feb 23 2024


4:00 pm - 4:50 pm


CHF 30 for trial class, CHF 50 for regular class, registrations are for at least one trimester


Coding a Story Programming School
Tödistrasse 48, 8002, Zürich


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