Coding, Robotics and Computational Thinking (4-7 years old), Fridays, 1:30 PM

The classes are bilingual (EN & DE)!

Why coding? As technology is an important part of our current lives and our future, we think children should understand how software is made and develop logical thinking to integrate easily in this world that is constantly developing and changing.

Course guidelines:

  • Learn computational thinking (exemplified through various processes)
  • Understand basic principles of programming
  • Program various robots and create programs

As long screen time is not recommended at this age, most of the time, we will not be using a screen. I have prepared variuos screen free activities through which we will explore fundamental concepts in programming.

Why children should learn to code?

  • Programming helps children learn to problem solve
  • Computer programming gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience
  • Coding teaches children how to think
  • Children develop their creativity when they learn to code
  • Computer programming is the future
  • There is a lack of skills in the software industry
  • Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math
  • Coding is learning while having fun

What are children learning in these classes?

They will explore the computational thinking concept (, learn to tell instructions to a machine, understand the coding control structures (if/else, loops, flow –, and be initiated in programmming.

The curriculum is made by me, Liana, based on my studies and extensive experience in computer programming and it is adapted to the age group 4 to 7 years old. By working with small groups, I have the opportunity to provide adequated exercises for each child.

As children in this age group may not be already able to read or write, we will get into coding by sketching logical schemas for algirithms and providing clear (spoken) instructions in certain situations. At this age, the important things are structuring the thinking and geting a taste of what can be done through coding so that we nourish their curiosity and analytical thinking. Children who already know to read and write can integrate sequences of written code. I am observing each child individually and adapting the exercises and games to their level of understanding so that i find challenging tasks.

What materials are we using?

We are using a variety of STEM materials, robots and logical games. Most of these activities do not involve a computer, however, children who already read and write will be able to write code in some of the sessions.

We will also use my book, Coding a story: Jolly, the Ambitious Horse to explore algorithms and control structures.

In these classes, the concepts will be introduced through play and by analogy to known concepts and day to day activities. In fact, coding is nothing else than “speaking” a very precise language. For using this language, children have to structure their thinking, be able to think a few steps in advance and express themselves through clear instructions.

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