Coding for 7-12 years old on Friday: Robots, Games, Animations

The classes are bilingual (EN & DE). The classes take place every Wednesday, excepting the school holidays.

This class is intended for children that are at least 7 years old and can read.

What are we learning in these classes and what is different from other coding classes?

A main difference to other coding classes is that each child has the opportunity to choose the materials and area he enjoys most and, when he is ready for a new challenge, they would continue with a different activity. This way their interest and curiosity will be countinuously nourished. 

Based of their wishes and interest, they will be able to tackle various themes like:

  • programming robots with and without screens
  • programming animations and games
  • programming drones

and many others.

Instead of following a fixed curriculum, we are following and nourishing children’s interest, leaving them space to explore the activities.  Children are continuously engaged in challenging tasks and it is almost impossible not to find a subject that makes them passionate about. 

Within the classes, team spirit is encouraged, children help each other, learn from each other, have fun and even make friends. 

We are creating a joyful learning environment in which each child can reach their potential and discover the multiple areas in which programming makes our lives easier. 

By working with small groups, the teacher has the opportunity to observe and guide each child in their chosen activity/ project.

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Sep 01 2023


2:30 pm - 3:20 pm


Trial Class CHF 30, afterwards CHF 50 per class


Tödistrasse 48, 8002, Zürich
Tödistrasse 48, 8002, Zürich


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