Skiing – Scratch and Scratch JRr – Level 1 & 2?

Loops with Scratch and Scrach JR

Walking on the street – unplugged – Level 1 & 2

Writing – Microbit Simulator – Level 2

Preparing food – unplugged – Level 1

Dancing – Unlplugged and Scratch – Level 1 & 3

Program Scracth to ski – Scratch – Level 2

Using Scratch, select the “Slopes” background.

Then, place Scratch or any character of your choice at the top of the first mountain.

Program scratch to go down the mountain, then up and then down again.

Tip 1: The action of going down the mountain is compound by two different actions. Use the commands “change x by []” and “change y by []” to move right and down.

Tip 2: Use loops. There should be 3 loops, one for each part of the route (going down the mountain, going up the mountain, going down the mountain).