Skiing – Scratch and Scratch JRr – Level 1 & 2?

Loops with Scratch and Scrach JR

Walking on the street – unplugged – Level 1 & 2

Writing – Microbit Simulator – Level 2

Preparing food – unplugged – Level 1

Dancing – Unlplugged and Scratch – Level 1 & 3

Create a show – Scratch – Level 3

Using Scratch, choose a new character from the “Dance” section in the characters selection.

Choose a concert or a theater background.

Program the character to move in a square and, at each corner of the square, to perform some dance moves. 

Tip1: Use nested loops (loops in loops).

Tip2: To make the character move, use the instructions from the “Looks” section (“switch costume to…”, “next costume”).