The world is changing. So should you.

As the technology evolves, in many areas, more and more machines are replacing humans. Whether in finance, retail, customer service, medicine or almost any other, automation makes itself more present each day.

This leads to many people being forced to leave or change their jobs.

Coding a Story helps people transform this into an opportunity.

This is why we created our Changers program.

How does it work?

1. Take the preliminary test

2. Learn to become a software engineer

3. Get hired as a software engineer

How much does it cost?

The program will be affordable for any candidate. The candidates will pay only a small part of the fee but the program is not free, though, as we want the candidates to have a commitment. It also comes with some conditions. The most important is you must sign a job contract with one of our partners after you finish the learning program. If you do not wish to get hired, you will have to pay for the course yourself. To make sure you will be a good candidate for a software engineer job, you will be tested several times along the learning program.

This program is for changers. Career changers. World changers. Bold changers.

First pilot-project is to be prepared at the moment. Phases of the project:

Sign deals with partners

Gather & test candidates

Start the courses

When the program will be up an running, we will update this page. Until then, if you are interested in participating as a partner or candidate, please, send an email at .