Liana Vinersan

Software engineer and creator of "Coding a Story"

I am a software engineer and I enjoy teaching children coding concepts, mainly, without screens.

I was born in Romania and I have studied Informatics at University of Bucharest, Management at Romanian-American University and the master program “Informatics Systems for the Management of Economic Resources and Processes” at Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

I have been working in the software industry since 2007 as software engineer for different companies, then I have been freelancing and creating my own projects. I have been using various programming languages on several platforms. Most of the time I have worked with C# .Net, JavaScript, MS SQL, Swift.

I like the challenge to create the layer between the business requirements of a software product and the technical team and I enjoy working on tasks that require analytical thinking and visual representation.

In 2018, I moved to Switzerland where I started teaching children coding.

I am passionate about transposing complex concepts into language and representation adapted to children and making analogies to known concepts.

I am mother of two children.

I enjoy nature, long walks, I run half-marathons and I have travelled over 45 countries.

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