New innovative holiday camps in July and August: July 15-19: Coding your Garden; July 22-26th: Coding and Games; August 12-16: Coding and Art. Register now!

An innovative approach to teach children coding

A different kind of programming school

We take apparently complex coding concepts, we simplify them and use analogies for children's understanding.

We are working in small groups, around 6 children.

We have various innovative challenges, robots, games, drones, cryptography, 3D printing and more to come.
Each child chooses their preferred activity and learns at their own pace - following and nourishing child's interests, not a fixed curriculum.
In the class for 4-7 years old, 80% of the time we do not use a screen, we create the mental representation of various programming concepts using different robots, games and original materials.
And last, but not least: Coding a Story is created by a software engineer - I, Liana - who can help and guide children in any area in programming they are interested in.

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Coding a Story offers classes for children between 4 and 15 years old.

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Coding a Story offers Books and Activity Books for children to learn coding concepts.

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