Learning coding with stories

Children love stories, and they love imagining things, they love learning new things, and they learn best in a playful way.

Best way to make children interested in coding is to start from things they are familiar with and identity the coding concepts in them.

First, they make an overview of the problem/situation. Then they express this in various forms using conventional and unconventional notations. And then they see it clearly and they start solving it. They don't need computer until here. It's all represented in their minds and modelled by their hands.

From this to writing code is a small step. The difference is the language and the level of detail.

Last, but not least, Coding a Story aims to nourish a healthy relationship between children and technology, encouraging limited screen time and a mix with carefully selected activities for soul, mind and body.

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Coding a Story offers classes for children between 4 and 15 years old.

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